Case mananagement that works for you... that you can spend more time doing the things you want.

Case Journal

KidsManager is optimised for regular note taking. From your notes, and colleagues' notes, a comprehensive journal of a child’s time in your organisation is created. Recent notes are displayed chronologically below the note entry area.

Structured case records

A case has lots of associated information; phone numbers, doctors, school... KidsManager stores all this information in a tabbed form. It’s like having a small filing cabinet for each case. You control the structure, and can also define different information requirements for different case types.

Cloud file-system

In addition to storing case notes and factual information, each case has a private file-system area. You can create a hierarchy of folders and upload, for example, documents, spreadsheets and photos. An area is provided for each case, and each team.

Case summary

'Active-buttons' are used to organise case details into areas. Each active-button, as well as being clicked on to open the area, displays timely information from its area. For example, the calendar informs you of current appointments.


With KidsManager's Calendar it is easy to keep track of important events for the team as well as each child. You can switch between week and day views. Hovering over an appointment displays all details. A filter function allows you to focus on a particular case while arranging an appointment.

Team Notes

Team notes provide a useful place to exchange information within your team. You can start a new note, or comment on an existing note. It is also easy to open up older notes from previous months.

Time Tracking

Some teams need to track the amount of time they work with a case. This is easily enabled for a case type. The hours worked are logged at the same time as you write a case note. It is possible to work with cases that require time tracking and cases that do not.

Expenses Management

KidsManager has an expenses module to simplify the monthly process of preparing expense claims. A comphrensive report is provided for team leaders to validate and correct expense claims. Claims, when complete, can be exported for import into existing accounting applications.